New Forest Paranormal

New Forest Paranormal is dedicated to those who have had paranormal experiences in and around the New Forest they cannot explain logically – hence the name New Forest Paranormal! We warmly invite those interested and involved to submit sightings detailing as much information as possible.

If you require spiritual advice you may wish to contact Alison Crocker.

Sightings in the New Forest

Strange Creature

Date: 2015, around 4:30am

Location: Ashley Crossroads in New Milton, by Nisa shop

Name: Lewis

Description: Creature of unknown description observed in the early hours of the morning.

Demonic Growl

Date: Unknown

Location: Wootton Bridge, New Milton

Name: Lewis Knight

Description: Demonic growl heard, accompanied by an uneasy feeling. No other information given.

Uneasy feeling

Date: Unknown

Location: Wootton Bridge, New Milton

Name: Suzanne

Description: Experience when out walking her dog and taking photos when she then felt uneasy, like someone watching her.

Bigfoot Sighting

Date: Full Moon  2014

Location: Grovely Woods, north of Wilton, Salisbury

Name: Suzanne, Ian, Jason and another person. 

Description: Group of people chased out of woods by what they believed was a bigfoot!? The small group decided to investigate one night. Two of the group saw a 9ft hairy humanoid come at them from behind some trees. All the group heard branches snapping, heavy footsteps and had stones thrown at them. Suzanne reports to experiencing intense headaches for 6 weeks afterwards and described the feeling of ‘something probing inside her head’ as well as strange dreams.  

Bigcat Sighting

Date: Around 8pm – April, 1997

Location: Near Britford, Salisbury

Name: Alison Crocker

Description: Bigcat sighting whilst driving, which ran across the road.

Ball of Travelling Light

Date: Around midnight, 1998

Location: Odstock, Salisbury

Name: Alison Crocker and another

Description: Ball of light travelling fast and being chased by MOD helicopters.

Tall Humanoid Observed

Date: Summer of 2012

Location: Copythorn, Southampton

Name: Alison Crocker

Description: Tall humanoid shape without arms and legs, “walked” right next to my vehicle.

Big Cat

Date: December 24th 1997

Location: In a field in Homington, Salisbury

Name: Simon

Description: Large Big Cat sighting.

Big Cat

Date: Sometime in 1997

Location: Near Farley, Salisbury

Name: Mike Wade and his Mother

Description: Large Black Panther type cat observed bounding across the road in front of them whilst travelling by car.

Demonic Growl

Date: Unknown

Location: Woods near Burley, Ringwood

Name: Unknown

Description: Two female friends heard growls in the middle of the night whilst camping.

Strange Mist

Date: Unknown

Location: Salisbury Cathedral Cloisters, Salisbury

Name: Tom 

Description: A strange mist observed in peripheral vision for about one/two seconds.

Strange Creature Sighting

Date: June 2005

Location: Salisbury City and surrounds.

Name: Unknown

Description: A mysterious creature, a cross between a leopard and a kangaroo, seen by several members of the public including Police Officers. 

Ball of Light

Date: Sometime in 1990

Location: Woods near SixPenny Handley

Name: Stuart H and one other

Description: Two teenage friends meeting up saw slow moving ball of light flitting between trees. Both experienced a feeling of dread with this sighting that lasted around 10 minutes until they fled the scene too scared to stay. 


Moving Tree with Humanoid Face

Date: Some years ago

Location: Lords Wood in Southampton

Name: Ian and friend

Description: Whilst walking their dog, witness and friend saw a tree walk right in front of them with a smiling humanoid face. Both were sober and drew the same image when they got home. There have been other ‘moving tree’ stories in the USA. 

Footsteps from an unseen source

Date: July 2018

Location: Woods near Burley

Name: Alison Crocker (Caught on video as well)

Description: Whilst filming I heard footsteps followed by a branch being moved by an unseen force. Very weird and thankfully caught on camera. 

Shadow Figure Seen in House

Date: Early October 2018

Location: House in Woodfalls

Name: Tom

Description: Saw out of peripheral vision a humanoid shadow on the landing when Tom knew his was alone on the second floor.

Unusual stone structure

Date: Unknown

Location: Little Acre, Minstead

Name: Suzanne Singleton

Description: Whilst walking with her mother, came across a strange large circular stone structure (stones were shiny and not local to the New Forest). Suzanne felt uneasy about walking through the mysterious structure and avoided doing so.

Strange experiences

Date: Unknown

Location: A35, Blackwater Inclosure/Anderwood BBQ Centre

Name: Suzanne Singleton

Description: Suzanne’s dog barking furiously at nothing. Observed a feather tied purposely to a bush. Very uneasy feeling, so much so she won’t return alone.

Stones heard being clacked together

Date: Unknown

Location: Blackwater Inclosure off A35

Name: Suzanne Singleton

Description: Witness heard stones being ‘clacked together’ very fast whilst out walking in the rain with her dog. Another person with an interest in Bigfoot said this is often a way a juvenile ‘warns’ others of an approaching human! The witness also noticed the tops of trees have been lopped off which is too high up for any human to have done this. 

Creature's eyes caught on camera

Date: Unknown

Location:  Holmsley

Name: Suzanne Singleton

Description: Whilst out taking photos, the witness caught a strange pair of eyes peering out at her from behind a tree. I’ve seen this photo personally and it’s most definitely a pair of eyes.

Black figure seen

Date: Unknown

Location: Avon Beach, Christchurch

Name: Suzanne Singleton

Description: Whilst out with a friend at night, stargazing, the witness saw a dark humanoid figure flitting around  newly erected beach huts on the beach.  I myself have experienced things at this location. It is haunted by a Customs and Excise officer who was killed by pirates during a siege in the 17th century. It is a very creepy location.

Large branch thrown at witness

Date: Unknown

Location: Wilverley Inclosure

Name: Suzanne Singleton

Description: Witness walking their dog when a large branch fell from a height of around 70 feet. The witness felt this was being thrown at them on purpose.

Another account came from a jogger who felt they were being followed in this location due to hearing someone ‘running’ behind them only to find they were alone.

Cigarette Smoke from 'nowhere'

Date: Unknown

Location: Yew Tree Bottom

Name: Suzanne Singelton

Description: The witness experienced a strong whiff of cigarette smoke whilst out walking alone. Other people were too far away for it to be attributed to them.

Huge 'hide' structure

Date: Unknown

Location: Puddlesbridge, Rhinefield

Name: Suzanne Singleton

Description: Came across a huge hide structure. This could possibly be man-made by photographers wanting to photo Stag etc but the witness was unsure of it’s purpose.

Ghostly Monk

Date: 2009

Location: Brockenhurst to Beaulieu road

Name: Tom H

Description: Witness shocked to see a Monk in grey robes walking in the woods to the right of the road. As the witness got closer the monk vanished. I suspect this was a monk from the nearby Beaulieu Abbey.


Date: February 2018

Location: Eastleigh, Hampshire

Name: Unknown

Description: Witness saw a bluish/white star that looked unusual before it quickly zipped away at high speed. 

Jelly-like UFO

Date: June 2014

Location: Poole, Dorset

Name: Unknown

Description:  It was like something flapping about in the sky, quite high up in the west leaving a squiggly vapour type trail it was see through jelly like very weird sighting.


Date: 2010

Location: Cley Hill, Warminster

Name: Unknown

Description: Ufo with Hieroglyphics written on it seen shooting off towards Cley Hill, Warminster. Witness described ‘disc’ with what looked like symbols written on it. Very shaken by the whole experience.   

Triangular UFO

Date: 2012 10:30pm

Location: Hedge End, Southampton

Name: Unknown

Description: Witness saw triangular shaped UFO (a group of seven red lights travelling in perfect formation). They discounted lanterns because the triangle moved seamlessly and in perfect formation.  

Possible Bigfoot sighting

Date: Unknown

Location: Forest in Mid Wales

Name: Melvyn Gingell

Description:  I was walking a trail with heavy forest both sides of the track , and I heard heavy thumping footsteps behind me  I looked round , and in the trees I spotted something with shiny black fur , not moving , possibly watching me , I only saw the shiny coat of the animal !


Date: 25 years ago

Location: Rufus Stone, New Forest

Name: James Connolly and friend

Description: Me and a mate were driving through the New Forest. We parked up to sleep in the car. We both saw will o the wisp but didn’t think much of it. When we woke the next morning we saw we were next to the Rufus Stone. This was about 25 years ago. I don’t know if it is signposted or if you can park there now but we had no idea. I did not know until tonight it is supposed to be haunted but it looks like we saw a ghost!

Several possible Bigfoot encounters

Date: Spanning several years from 2008 to present

Location: Wilverley Enclosure

Name: ‘Norseman’

Description: A local bushcrafter and resident emailed me with a list of possible bigfoot encounters and ‘nymph’ sightings in this popular location. Check out my video on youtube which relates to this. 

Bigcat Sighting

Date: Unknown

Location: Royal Victoria Country Park, Southampton

Name: Simon Evans

Description: Witness and another saw a bigcat. There have been a number of possible unusual sightings in this location. 

Hairy 7ft Bipedal seen flitting through the trees by cyclist

Date: Summer of 2018

Location: Old single railway track headed towards the Holmsley Tea Room

Description: A regular visitor to the forest and keen cyclist saw a 7ft humanoid shape flitting between trees. He wasn’t scared but more curious. 

Big Cat Sighting

Date: 1999

Location: Wilverley Enclosure

Description: Two big cats seen together crossing a forest track.

Big Cat sighting

Date: March 1999

Location: A restaurant in Lymington

Description: Big Cat sighting

Big Cat sighting

Date:  May 1999

Location: Rockford Common

Description: Big cat, described as Black Panther, seen at this location.

Cigar-shaped UFO and visitation

Date: 1976

Location: A few miles away from Winchester

Description: Cigar-shaped UFO seen in the sky and visitation by man in a silver ‘boiler suit’.

Ghost on bridge at Poole Railway Station

Date: December 2018

Name: Alison Crocker

Location: Bridge over railway line at Poole railway station

Description: Walking over the bridge, I strongly sensed the presence of a young girl, aged around 12, wearing a white smock type dress typical of the Victorian  era. 

Cyclist seemingly overtaken by stranger on a bike in a way that defies logic

Date: 2012

Location: High Corner Inn, Ringwood

Description: A cyclist whose name I am witholding wrote to me regarding a strange and scary sighting. A boy appeared in front of him, riding an old fashioned bike and dressed in 1970’s clothing. The boy was soaked through to the skin and looked ‘odd’. The boy appeared in front of the cyclist again a mile or so further on yet it would have been impossible for him to overtake as he would have been seen. This account ties in with a similar one on the same road.

Ghostly presences felt

Date: Over the Summer of 2019

Location: Stoney Cross airfield, nearby campsite

The witness reports to undertaking night time patrols of the area as part of a security operation. He was aware of something unseen and to unexplicable temperature drops. 

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